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Hi everyone and welcome to our You’re Wealth website. For both of us, during this chapter in our lives, we have personally lived through unique life experiences that have not only brought us together, but also brought us to this very moment.

We each have different but similar backgrounds in the ways that we were raised and perceived the world. It’s so interesting because the more we continue to get to know each other, the more we realize just how much we really have in common.

Growing up, life was sort of like a conveyor belt of predetermined traditions and milestones that assumably every human has to cross until one day you reach the end of the ride and need to figure out which new direction you want to go for the next phase of your life – adulthood.

For us, like everyone, our stories are distinctive in the routes we decided to take so for that reason alone, we believe that our perspectives can provide positive sources of reference and guidance.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger – Our Stories

Picture this: a cute little five-year old boy innocently climbs the jungle gym during recess one day when suddenly – he falls! But he’s a trooper, and picks himself back up like it’s no big deal. Not long after, recess is over and he’s back inside of his school, but something’s not quite right.

Without warning, his stomach lurches and he vomits! His mom is notified and he’s quickly taken back home to get some rest. Problem is, he feels fine! That is until he goes to use the bathroom and becomes confused when he sees a deep red color filling his toilet bowl.

Cut to being rushed to the Intensive Care Unit, and this little kid is hurriedly brought onto a gurney while fading in and out of consciousness. Turns out he had torn one of his kidneys and was dangerously close to losing his life!

Now, picture this: a cute little five-year old girl groggily wakes up in the wee hours of the morning. The first thought she immediately has is to go find her mommy! On a mission, she confidently runs to the couch in the living room because that’s where she knows her mom usually sleeps, but she finds it empty.

Confused, she knows there aren’t many other places that her mom could be because they lived in a tiny apartment at the time, so her next thought is to check in the bathroom that is located directly around the corner. Again, confident that she’s about to find her – privacy, a foreign concept in a child’s mind – she peaks into the dark bathroom. Despite her eyes trying to adjust, she knows that’s her mom sitting on the toilet, so she lunges towards her.

Excitedly, she greets her mom, nudging her and telling her good morning – but she slowly picks up on something. Her mom isn’t actually moving or responding to anything that she does, which she finds odd. Not fully processing what’s going on, she assumes that her mom is just sleep! After several attempts to wake her mom up, and she still doesn’t respond, it dawns in the little girls mind that something is seriously wrong.

Turns out, sometime during the night or in the morning, her mom had passed away.

So there you have it – right off the bat, both of us experienced a form of trauma at the very start of our lives. Later down the road, once we were able to better understand the gravity of the things that happened to us, we were given the opportunity to decide for ourselves how we wanted those moments to define us. We weren’t given the same hand of cards so our situations played out differently, but now together as a unit, we’re learning how to obtain better odds towards winning the game of life.

Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

There’s a plethora of reasons as to why we want to help; “Growth”! Growth is a key component to life, it’s involved in physical, mental, emotional, financial etc health. Being a source of someone’s growth and/or change is something we’re beyond passionate about, because not many people actually have that reliable source to jump start that growth.

We’ve been on the other side, luckily we found each other and were able to push each other, now we want to do the same for others.

Another reason why we feel very strongly about wanting to help others is because we feel that there is a real need to do so. It is widely acknowledged that the more help a person receives, the lighter their load will be. How true that is! For us, having the benefit of being able to work together on everyday dealings has proved to be extremely helpful. Whether that be lending a listening ear or an extra pair of hands – the point is that we’re both not in this alone, and neither are you!

Finally, but not all. A huge reason as to our why, is to be of value and give back positively . We’re not strangers in the slightest to the toughest of life’s adversities. In fact, we’re still learning ourselves as we also reach out for help from people of all walks of life that can assist with making our journeys easier to navigate. As far as we’re concerned, we’re all family on this floating rock, so why not start acting like one, right?

Our Ultimate Goal

Success is the ultimate goal and that’s subjective, because success is whatever you deem it worthy to be. For example, through our own experiences and life lessons, we’ve learned that sometimes the best way to help someone is to give them a different perspective. No one in this life, not to our knowledge, gets a perfect trailer-made how-to manual on how to live their best lives. Humans certainly try to do this on their own, but can rarely achieve such a feat alone.

Additionally, depending on the circumstance, it can be comforting being on the opposite end of goggles, peering through the lenses of someone else’s story and seeing it the way that they do. Take what you want or need from it, perhaps even pass along something positive that you gained to someone else. Continuing this cycle is what we believe and hope will create a beautiful ripple effect in this world. Contributing to more peace, love, togetherness and compassion.

This life can be hard – let’s help each other to make the most out of it!

Sincerely Yours,

Richard Moore & Jasmine Sanders


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